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Viewpoint Overlooking Chaloklum BayThe north of the island has become a lot more accessible since the northwest concrete ring road was completed and the road to the nearby bay of Had Khom was patched up. Koh Pha Ngan has been expanding its road network and the newly concreted North-West ring road has created a more vibrant feel with more visitors to the area.

Chaloklum BeachThe main northern village of Chaloklum is expanding to cater for more than just the fishing trade that it's well known for. It is still mainly a Thai village that hasn't yet been over-effected by tourism and there is a wealth of cheap Thai restaurants serving tasty fresh squid and other local catches; but the place is also getting a bit of a funky feel with the opening of some cool bars and cafes including Cafe Del Mar, an open air club / bar in the village.

The Chinese Temple, ChaloklumThere a couple of Wats (Temples) in the area, the most interesting being the Chinese Temple situated on a hillside with views over the bay not far south from Chaloklum Bay Resort and within easy reach from Chaloklum Town. The temple is well-known for those wishing to try or trust in luck and holds some beautiful sculptures of the Chinese Buddha Jaomae Kuanim.

Paradise Waterfall, is a party venue located next to one of the bigger waterfalls on Koh Phangan. Recently refurbished with a bigger bar, restaurant and cosmic dancefloor, it goes ballistic every Friday to thumping trance and driving techno. Their parties around Full Moon attract up to 1000 people, whilst in between numbers drop to around 200.

The spectacular view from the mountain viewpoint of Khao RaDue to the high mountains in the north, there are a few good waterfalls including Phaeng, Wang Sai and Paradise, all with marked trails and easily reached from Chaloklum Bay. If you are looking for the ultimate view of the Chaloklum area then Khao Ra, Koh Phangan's biggest mountain at 627 metres, is the trek to take. At the top is the breathtaking horizon will overtake your tiredness as you look out at the entire bay including the island's of Koh Ma and Koh Tao in the distance. It is only eight kilometres away from the resort and its possible to walk to Phaeng Waterfall, then follow the trail up the mountain. If you don't fancy doing it alone, guides are available at tha state of the Phaeng trail.

While Scuba Diving you have an good chance of seeing a TurtleChalkolum's maritime roots mean that fishing and diving trips are easy to take from here, it is also home to Koh Pha Ngan's northernmost port making it the main transit point to visit Bottle Beach, or any of the other surrounding beaches by boat.

Koh Ma National Marine Park is less than three kilometres away, and is one of the Gulf's premier dive spots, where it is possible to see turtles and a whole variety of other exotic marine life. The rich coral reef that lines the west coast of the island is also easily accessible, providing a vast choice of different dive and snorkelling sites.

Koh Ma National Marine Park is an excellent place for scuba diving and snorkelling

Our resort is conveniently located near Chaloklum Divers, a well established and PADI approved dive centre; just contact the Chaloklum Bay Resort for details.


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